Mia's Adult Care Home

About Mia

I grew up in a home which valued a high moral standard and in a very family-oriented environment. I am the oldest of eight children and by working alongside and helping my mother from a very young age, has helped me to be as dedicated and passionate in her work with people; I have developed a heart full of passion and caring for my brothers and sisters.  Little did I know, but later in my life I would realize where all of the heartfelt compassion and the motherly-like love towards working with people had come from.  I feel abundantly blessed as I have great memories of a rich childhood.  

I was born in Romania in 1979 and my parents immigrated into the States when I was two years of age. After visiting different states and the exploring numerous business opportunities, we eventually made our home in Portland, Oregon in 1989.  We grew up in Southeast Portland, attended the David Douglas School District, and I graduated from high school in 1997.  My parents opened their own adult home care business in 2001.  Since my previous positive experiences while helping my mother raise my brothers and sisters, helping around and learning the detailed responsibilities of the Adult Home Care business became natural. As I got older, the compassionate work that I saw my parents put into their business inspired me to open my own home and operate an Adult Home Care business in 2003.

Ever since we have opened our doors for business, we strive to provide an unsurpassed quality of care. Our desire and efforts are to provide a loving and caring home for the elderly in a nurturing environment where the different needs of each individual are met on a personal level.

Now, on a more personal note...

In my spare time, I enjoy making lots of wonderful memories with my beautiful children.  I have two children, Jacob is eleven and Emily is eight.  We enjoy the outdoors, such as going to the park and playing different sports.  During the summer, we all enjoy swimming and sometimes we get together for barbeques, birthdays and different events. We are always surrounded by family, friends and the many relatives such as cousins, aunts and uncles! Personally, I love to play soccer, volleyball and enjoy working out at the gym. I also enjoy baking and cooking - the Food network is my favorite channel!  I particularly enjoy the Portland cuisine and dining in the company of friends.